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June 24, 1943.

Camp England 

Dear Florence, 

I am writing a few lines to let you know that I received your letter and was very happy to hear from you. Everything is about the same over here. The weather is very beautiful over here. I am glad to hear that everybody is feeling fine. Because I feel fine myself. I am glad to hear that Eddie like the Navy a lot. 

I know if I was in his place I would stay in the Navy after the war. Because it is good to be in the Navy – you take many different countrys, you see quite a lot of the world. 

Like I am in the army, you don’t see very much, because you don’t travel from country tocountry, or town to town. You stay in one place most of the time. 

Well I guess I will close now. Hoping to hear from you soon.  

May God Bless You All, 

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