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October 11, 1943.

Dear Florence, 

I received both cards and candy on the day before my birthday. I thought may be every one would forget my birthday this year seeing where I am so you can see how slapsided + glad I was to receive them. I wouldn’t bother with only any more candy because I can get it over here now. So it isn’t worth the trouble. I have been pretty busy lately so that is why I didn’t write oftener. 

Have you heard from Eddie yet. I heard from today that he was to be stationed at the Phila. Navy Yard so I was wondering if it is true. I don’t believe that I think he will be here soon. I wrote to Betty too. The Mail Service is very irregauly at times. 

Every thing is swell over here. The movies here are all new ones most of the time. I found out you can go horseback riding in town if you want too. I always wanted to go so now may be I’ll get a chance to. 

I hope everyone is well. How is Sonny making out in school. Well give my regards to both Sonny + Chris +  every one else. 

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