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January 11, 1945.

Dear Florence, 

I am writing a few lines to let you know that I am feeling fine + hoping you are feeling the same. 

I received your beautiful card + was very glad to receive one from you, but I am sorry I couldn’t send you one, they were very hard to get at the time. 

I am also sorry I couldn’t write to you any sooner, I’ve been pretty busy and couldn’t write to you, I hope you forgive me for not writing sooner. 

Well the holidays are over now, I sure hope you had a nice time during the holidays as for myself I didn’t have a good time at all, it really didn’t seem like Christmas. I didn’t know it was Christmas all two days. So you can imagine what a time I had, I’ve been so funny I didn’t get time to write anyone. 

So I am trying to catch upon my letter writing today. 

I sure wish this letter finds you in the best of health + may God Bless You. 

I saw Vincent a couple of days ago, he is stationed close by.

Your Cousin, 


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