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September 28, 1944.

North Africa 

Dear Florence & Sonny, 

Received a letter from you today and was glad to hear every things okay back with you. I also received a letter from Chris today. He seems to answer my letters pretty quickly and even states himself that he doesn’t mind writing letters. He had several days of M.P. duty when he got back from his leave but he still seemed to be in good spirits. Guess its a nice life in the Army but still nothing compared to civilian life. I for one will certainly be glad when this is all over. 

We have a hunting trip scheduled for two days after tomorrow so hope its a clear day. We were originally supposed to go to this last Saturday but something fell through. I think I will really enjoy myself cause the [unreadable] are plentiful so I hope my shooting eye is also. Will give ma  a little idea of what I’ll be missing come this November. 

Every thing else is still in the same grade. I did see a pretty funny show last night called  “Make Your Own Bed”. Really had us laughing up at times. 

Haven’t heard from Lon and [unreadable] yet in a little while now. I did hear from Josephine the other day and she said he was okay. She’s still having a nice time in Swaltons and is enjoying herself. But cause she [unreadable]. 

Glad to hear that your delayed raise may finally come through. So really came in handy with the coming winter and holidays. So Janet finally quit her job at the Darnleys. They all were a lot of free this but its not for me once i get back. College wouldn’t be a bad idea btu that will need a lot of consideration before I finally do decide. But the Navy as a career is most certainly out. 

How does Sonny like school. Tell him I was asking and sending him my best regards. Best of every thing and regards to everyone. 

Love, Eddie 

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