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A Graphologist looks at a Lew letter.

It was back in 2021 where we were first introduced to graphology, the study of handwriting. Graphologist and author, Tracey Trussell, has again done us the very generous favor of reading a single letter -- the first in the Lew series -- and shared her insights from what the handwriting tells us!

As always, friendly reminder that these are real letters and real authors so we prefer avoiding conjecture and fictionalizing the material. The observations below are derived from one single letter with insights drawn from Tracey's study and expertise as a graphologist.

"There are so many adjectives to describe our female protagonist 'Gerry'. 

She came across as a loving, confident, outgoing, impulsive and passionate woman, who in so many ways was an old-fashioned girl at heart. However, she clearly had a strong father or male influence growing up, which consequently produced an ambitious individual who needed a role for herself in life. 

In this respect, Gerry was a reliable, take-charge, proactive and highly competent woman, who was unlikely to take "no" for an answer. She didn't like rushing into things, but equally needed to get things off her plate with no nonsense. She was motivated to live life the right way, by improving herself and the world around her. 

She craved company and adored expressing herself articulately, effusively - with some imagination - and she would have gone into a lot of detail when she was talking and explaining things. Nevertheless, she also tended to remain discreet (about things that really mattered), only ever saying what she believed to be best and no more;  shoving any problems under the carpet. There were times when she couldn’t face facts and refused to see things as they really were.

It was a type of personal self-protection. 

Gerry was self-critical - she hated making mistakes - and needed a lot of reassurance (perhaps more than expected, given her outward confidence). In the absence of any encouragement, she over-compensated by projecting a strong (and frequently bossy) self-image."

Learn more about Tracey's work by visiting her website. Interested in more detail about graphology? Tracey's brilliant book is for you!

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