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June 11, 1944.

Dearest Daddy 

Received your nice long letter Friday and was tickled pink to hear from you. This is the first time in 3 weeks that I’ve heard from you. 

Went to show with Ernest + Ruth Friday night and saw “Pin Up Girl” with Betty Grable also saw “Tampico” with Edward G. Robinson. Both were very good. 

They want to take me to a dance some night before I go home. They are wondering if you would mind my going. 

I have been down in Barrington for the past 2 weeks and expect to stay another week. I called your mother yesterday and told her about the riddle and she said she would let me know what they found out. I also asked her about going to the shower on Stella and she said she could go down with them. 


Sherry is still going swell growing like a weed and getting fat. She kicks and coos while having her bath. She loves it. She talks to herself quite a lot now. She has also discovered her hands and watches them while she moves them around. She is so sweet + cute. Renauld is in Italy - I have sent you the address of Merril + Wendell also the Amsden boys. I will put them in at the end of this letter also. 

Patty, Sherry + I went with Ernest and a kid from School up to Oaklawn to get some baby chicks. He got 300. On the way back Ernest and I went up to see Dad. (Sat.) He hadn’t had any company and so was doubly pleased to see us. He is looking much better then he has in a long time and he has put on quite a bit of weight. He can go home for a few hrs. Now and then and thats a big improvement because not to long a go he couldn’t even go outside now he goes out every afternoon that it doesn’t rain or isn’t too cold. 

They have just been playing “Der Fuehrer's Face” on the radio and it reminded me of the time Betty + Roy sang it at the house in Centreville on Christmas Day. How funny Betty sounded. 


I call Mark Azza, the assistant farm manager here “The General” because he is just like the German generals I have seen in the movies. He pushes the boys for all there is in them and wants to beat them up if they don’t do just what he says. The kids here all want me to go down to Crescent Park with them again Sat. night. We had a swell time when we went before. I have a feeling you will be home before Sherry is 6 ms. old. I have been praying for this time to come true. 

I too am sorry that we didn’t get our-selves hitched sooner than we did. If we had maybe we would have had Sherry sooner, then you could have been with her when she was tiny anyway. Also we would have had more time together before you had to go into the service. Thank you Darling for wanting your or rather our daughter to grow up like me. To me that is one of the nicest compliments you could pay me. Since I know how much you love little Sherry. Also for being glad that its you and I paired off rather than you and Stella and for thinking you got the best of the bargain. I think I got the best of the bargain too in getting you. And hope that next time it will be a boy to be just like his daddy and it will be different next time darling you will be home and we will be happy again living in Hope as we were before the war. Hope hasn’t changed since you left and I don’t think it will. It’s still the same old place. You’ll know it when you see it again. We are always wishing you could be here with us and are plenty lonesome for you too. Somedays more than others. 

I am having a nice time down here but I wish I could share it all with you. I would give up good times and all pleasures to spend just 1 day with you and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I will be spending many happy days and nights with you again very soon. 

Sure hope that you get a request from either “Yank” or the “Stars + Stripes” so you can get transferred out of the combat engineers. Best of luck darling. 

3 years and I’m still happy as a bride on her wedding day. I still love you even tho you call me an Old Battle Axe. Ha! Ha! 

Dick is working down in Apponaug again and the last I knew he was using his bicycle but the boss was going to get him a fellow from Hope to ride with. I have just finished washing for Sharon and now I have dishes to do before Mrs. Smith comes down to make a clam chowder for supper. Also have to give Sherry a bath and dress her. 

Everyone here seems to be O.K. and hope you are the same. Sure hope your sinus doesn’t get to acting up to badly and make matters worse for you then they already are. Are they doing anything about it for you? Hope so. 

9:15 PM

I have just come home from swimming. Betty and I went together over at the White Bridge at Barrington. The water was swell nice and warm. 

I am listening to “Naughty Marietta” on the radio and it’s very good. Nelson Eddy and Jeannette MacDonald are in it. I saw Ernest shear a sheep tonight. Both Mrs. Smith’s, Patty, Sherry and I went out to the barn and watched him shear it. It was quite a sight. He had 4 of them to do it too. Sherry was as interested as we were. 

Well darling I have written all the news for this time so I’ll close and write again later. 

We both love you very much and hope to see you very soon. 

Goodnight and pleasant dreams from both your sweethearts. 

I love you send all our love and kisses that you can handle. 

Love “Mommy + Sherry” 

P.S. Hope you got the picture of me that I sent in a letter

[Page of addresses included] 

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