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November 20, 1943.

Updated: 3 days ago

Dearest Hubby 

Hows Daddy tonight? Mama is fine and Jr. is behaving nicely. Whitey is also doing very well for both herself and me. 

Was up tot he Farm today - Pop - Mammy took me over and I hung around while Dick put the finishing touches to the paper on the side of the house and Dad worked on before we went to Vermont. They have it about finished now I guess. It’s rather a patched up affair but otherwise O.K. 

The chickens haven’t been doing so well but that seems to be true everywhere. THere not getting very good grain - doesn’t have any scratch or cracked corn in it. Bertwello are having the same trouble with theirs. 

Renauld has to have 3 recommendations to get in as an Aviation Cadet. He is going to try for it and is all set except for references. Hope he makes out better than Ed did. 

Got a letter from Eva today but it wasn’t very long just to tell me again she was sorry about yesterday and so on. 

Did up kitchen curtains for your Mammy today and they look very nice if I do say so myself.

Dear oh dear trouble again instead of being ‘Too Old or Too Young’ mind are ‘Too Big or Too Small’ – They either don’t come over the top or else they hang in the crotch – Oh yes its ma panties I’m talking about. Ha, ha bet I fooled you that time. 

I had a very nice time down at Doris + Jimmys yesterday afternoon and evening. Jimmy was very careful of me - he made me think of you wondering if I warm enough or if I had had enough to eat etc. He got his classification yesterday he is in 2 B until March 21st, 1944. I am glad for both of them. 

I think I have already told you but in case I didn’t Harold Black left last Thursday 11/18/43. Margie is going to try and stay in Newport and keep the apartment. 

Well it is Sunday dinner time again and we are going to have roast Pork - baked potatoes - boiled onions - cake (chocolate + white) + tea or coffee (won’t you have some?) I have just finished ironing + Mammy is still at it  – we sort of changed places today I did the ironing by hand and she used the ironer mostly then things were easy since she also did Pops shirts. Called Lucie yesterday and found out that Ann is much better. Marilyn is going to write to you sometime in the near future. She and all the rest of the folks are looking forward to your coming home. I have been trying to get a date with Dick but so far I haven’t succeeded - maybe I will this week. I want to see “Sonja Heni” in “Ice Capades” Supposed to be very good. Plan on walking up to Margies this afternoon if they are going to be home. I haven’t been up in quite awhile. Coming back on the bus. George Gardner put the storm doors up at the house for me. Must call Mr. Roy, again and ask him about finishing the job. He was supposed to do it ages ago. Must be pretty busy.

Gee I have quite a full week ahead of me - Monday I am going to sew- Tuesday I am going out - Wed I am going up to the Farm and so I am on Thurs. And Friday I am going to have you home  - Sat + Sun will be enjoyable shared with you. If we go to see everybody that wants to see you it will take us 2 days and then some so I guess you will have enough to keep you busy and occupied while your here. 

You never did mention anything about the wrist watch again. Did you get a new crystal for it? Jr. is real lively today guess he likes roast pork. 

There is going to be some State wide Civilian Defense Maneuver here this afternoon so Pop will be kept real busy for awhile. He also has to get the stories on the maneuvers up at Foster + N. Scituate. 

Well darling this is all for now but I will write again soon I love you very much and am very anxious for Friday to get here. 

Loads of love your ever loving wife “Gerry” 



P.S. Margie and Goegre have gone out so I guess I will go up to the Farm 

Love “Ger”

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