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September 9, 1943.

Dear Son:

I am sorry to hear that you are in the hospital again. Please take care of your self. You do what they tell you and everything will be alright.

I received a card from “Harry”. He is in California. Did he write to you?

Papa send you some cookies. Did you receive them?

Virginia Del Bene, went to Cleveland, she is studying to be a nurse. She called up and told me to tell you she said “hello”. Her family is moving to Warren, Ohio, they sold their house in Youngstown.

Joey started in “South High” school Sept. 7 and I hope he likes it. Dick and him chum together. He said there are a lot of girls at South this year. More girls than boys. They boys are in the Army and Navy. I bet you wish you could shine among all these girls, eh Ralph?

Sept. 8th was three years Grandpa died and we had a mass for him. I certainly prayed hard for you and wish this war will soon be over.

Tommy White is coming home on furlough next week. He is in the Navy in Chicago.

His brother Henery White went across, his mother received a card from him the other day. She had not heard from him for about five weeks. The mother was certainly happy to receive the card.

Well I think this will be well. Hoping to see you soon and God Bless you my son.



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