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September 30, 1943.

Dear Ranny,

Received your letter the other day and was glad to hear that you are home once again. I’m in the pink and hope to hear the same from you. Ranny I hope to god that you don’t have to wear a brace because that’ll be tough. Glad to hear that home is still alive a full of women. How the hell do these fellows get a discharge from the army when I can’t even get a furlough. Ranny I really felt good when you told me that Vicky gained weight. Mary always did have too much ass on her. I know Jennie looks sharp because she sent a couple of snapshots to me and she really did look good. Your a damn fool Ranny, if you love her fight for her. Don’t be like me Ranny, I never was any good and doubt if I ever will be. Jennie loves you alot and if you see theres still chance take it. Say kid once in awhile take a shot for me will you Ranny. I wish that I could be there raising hell with you and I hope to be soon. No Ranny I’m afraid that I can’t find anything the matter with me, not just yet. Ranny why the hell are you going back to the G.F.? Get a good job some place else, don’t get stuck with those jews. I went to an air show last Saturday and I saw the P-39 and the first thing I looked at was the wing tips and I said to myself there goes Dept. 57 and Vicky. Ranny it sure is tough that you didn’t know I was in Houston, I sure would have liked to seen you. I don’t think I know Homer, were did I ever meet him and just who is he?

Ranny just what do mean about Viky just fuckin me? Does she or doesn’t she still love me. Is she going out with other fellows and God help them if I get them. Have you talked to her and what did she have to say. Ranny your the only one that I trust so please for Gods sake don’t let me down. Don’t have much to say so I’ll close with my love to all. Enjoy yourself kid and watch yourself.

Love Your Pal



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