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January 15, 1944.

Hiya Ralph: -

By the time you get this letter Ralph I’ll be moved again, I hope for the last time in the Army. Tuesday I am going to Memphis, Tennessee to a Army and Navy general hospital. It won’t be long now until I am home with you Ralph, I hope. I called Bea C. last night and I think if I can get home to prove it to her, I’ll get her back. How about giving me a build up Ralph, for it I lose her I am going to be a 30 year man. I’ve just got to get home as soon as possible. I am through with all women except Bea Cuccarese.

Do me another favor and look up her new phone number in the directory and send it to: - Kennedy General Hospital Memphis, Tennessee

I’ll get it I hope. I don’t know what ward I’ll be in yet.

I don’t plan on being there too long anyway. Here at this hospital. I get a pass every night from 1700 to 2100. We go to the show if we haven’t seen it before. Saw “Tarzan’s Desert Mystery”,last night, and “Ghost Ship” tonight and “Higher and Higher” tomorrow. I’m glad Bea M. got in the Marines. When she gets back I hope to be married.

When I get home I am going to take it easy also as my leg won’t allow dancing every night like it use to. What do you do of an evening when your off? I know the four of us will have a good time together right? We’ll fine plenty to do and at the same time save plenty of money for the future. What kind of car are you getting? I’ll still have my Buick only I’m trading it off for a club coupe when I get home. Bot I’ll bet your glad to get it settled with Vicky’s old boyfriend. If someone has my girl when I get home lookout.

I pray every night that I’ll get home real soon and get Bea back. I would even accept a C.D.D. now instead of a commission. We have to swell girls is right. I hope at least you do. Tell Bea I am waiting for her picture. I’ll have my sister give her mind again if she’ll accept it. Also tell her I would like to exchange graduation rings with her for the last time. I’ve asked her this but she hasn’t answered yet. I haven’t heard from her since I was home in NOvember.

How about looking for a job for me out where you work? We would take turns driving and both work together. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’ll send you some money next month, if I’m not home but then. And I want you to buy Bea a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day for me. I’ll include a card. Don’t tell her anything about it, but I’m trying harder than hell to get home soon. If i get home before the Pres. ball we’ll go out O.K.? Answer soon and I’ll let you know how I make out at Memphis. So long and good luck. Don’t forget to call Bea and tell her about me. I talked 11 min last night.

Your Good Pal,


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