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September 7, 1943.

Dearest Ranny

Received your letter and was so glad to hear from you. I hoping this letter gets you before you leave and if it does wish you would write and tell me the day you will be home. Maybe you can’t but try!

Honey, I’m so glad your coming home home even if your one 4F your the same to me. I still love you the you are. And about that mustache, I wish you would shave it off, because I don’t like it. You don’t look cute with one. I remember the last time you were trying to grow one, you shave it off before it grew.

I was hoping you would be home for the 10th because the Elms is opening and Vaughn Monase is going to play. But I guess you can’t be here that soon. Honest, hon. I can’t wait to see you and in my arms, as you say. Do you know I haven’t seen you for 3 months and it seems like a year. I think its that long. Well I’m back in school and how I hate it. I went dancing Sun. Mon. I had a fair time but if you were there I would have it would bee different. All the time I was thinking about you I not kidding either. I’m glad to hear that you agree with my version of the story about side, thats only right, I think so.

So you have the ‘life of Rully’ you lucky dope, I have to get up early and go to school that’s really tough. Remember that kitten you wrote and said something about a little Ranny, my Mother happen to read that letter and thats all she does is tease me. I could kill you for writing that. My toothache is better but I didn’t go to the dentist and I won’t go until it hurt me. So you don’t like the Army clothes but before you take them off I want to see you. I hear that you have to wear them for 30 days. Well honey, I’ll be closing up for now and take very good care of yourself for me, and

God Bless You

Always Yours


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