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September 7, 1943.

Sept 7

North Africa

Dear mom,

Today we expect to go swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the fellows that have already been there say the ride to the beach is worth it just for the towns you pass through. I’ll be able to tell you more about that in the next letter.

We are having a great deal of fun with the money “francs” french money. We get change [unreadable] in American money [unreadable] in French. They even have ten cents in paper money. The small bill being ten cents or “cinq francs” which I have en closed. From time to time I hope to add to Dad’s collection. Tell him I sent an invasion dollar as soon as I get one. They are the same as the old ones with the exception that a gold star replaces the blue or green one in the states.

On the way to this camp we passed through the aty of Oram. I hope to get a pass and visit it in the near future. The above statements may be cut out as I [unreadable] here in North Africa. However the only way to find out weather it will get through is to try.  

Sunday we had chicken just like that we use to get in the glass jar with noodles the potatoes are dehydrated but they sure have got the process down pat. The butter won’t melt even if you put it in hot water but it turned out O.K.

Ice lemonade at noon yesterday again the powdered lemon was used, but you couldn’t tell the difference. Bacon, apple butter beans, all green vegetables and fruit, crackers, milk come in cans.

Today we when on a half hour hike that all we did all day except clean up which now is very important.

Some of the fellows have had all sheer haircut if I may have but I believe a little hair protects you from the sun. I am however trying an experiment with a little hair on the upper lip. It been two weeks but still know one has noticed it.

The tomatoes we got in town are just about ripe each day we turn them over. Besides pepper we have water melon, chocolate and [unreadable].  The water melons are the size of an American cantaloupe, the grapes are sweeter than any American grapes. We are always sure to wash everything we buy well before eating it.

Naturally we haven’t heard any word from home in three weeks but as long as we can write we feel O.K. A sky or plane will bring it in the next four days, the mail I mean. You won’t be able to send news papers “over seas” so you can stop the Elizabeth Journal.

I’ve written so many letter in the past week, but for the restriction come, I believe 4 a week will be allowed. In each letter I try to tell something different so get in touch with the kids I write to and you probably have the hole stay.  

Walter went to Oram and says it great. So I can’t wait to get there. The enclosed cards are from there.

Till next time,

Love as ever,


3/ enclosures

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