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August 21, 1945.

August 21, 1945

Dear Pop, Well two years ago tomorrow morning at 2.30AM we boarded the U.S.S. Henry Gibbison’s Liberty ship, hold 6000 men for an [unreadable] part three days out we learned it was North Africa put of Oran. The voyage was without any events on the part of the enemy.

Now, two years later the war is over every one is taking of going home.

You asked about the three battle stars, the first was for the fall of Rome. The frist time in history that city was ever taken from the South. The second was for the battle of the Rhine,and the last for the push through into Germany. Just came back from the Taylor’s Jet had quite a time with the chickens, ducks, dogs and oxen.

Till Tomorrow,



P.S. Enclosed are some of my most prized negatives. Some of the boy and myself looking overs some dead Krauts and one of the 164th guns “Adolph Count Your Men” by name. At the time I took this picture she had just finished a fire mission in Germany. The barrell was still hot. 

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