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August 15, 1945.

V Day

August 15, 1945


Dear Folks,

Its over, over there. The greatest war in history has ended. With it goes some of the most exciting and interesting minutes of my life. Some things now that its all past, I wouldn’t trade for all the 4F stamps and defence jobs in the world.

The end of the war makes me think of two things. The fellows who died and my getting back home. I’d have given any thing to have been in Times Square last night with those 2000 people. Now we know that “home” is know longer a place thats like heavn and you go there some day. Home now is a place that has become as real again as it was the day it faded in the sunset 2 years ago. Just months seperate it and me; how many I don’t know. The next few month will set us straite. Right now I believe I’ll be home in March 1946. Mean time I’ll be army of occupation. We were [unreadable] up at 105 AM to hear the news last night. The “Japanese Government has decided to except etc” Then we listned till 3AM. New York, London, Newark, ship at sea + Paris, Out side in the direction of Munich. We could see fire work from 1 till 3, some one was a celebrating.

Thank God its over, may the first man who raise his hand to war be atomized.



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