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August 10, 1945.

August 10, 1945

Dear Mom,

Today on your birthday, I believe I am sure eno-ugh to give you the following good news. I will be home for Christmas. Yep, some time in the first part of December. We have been told by, “the people who should know”. Some time in December for sure if we are unfortunate in not being there for the 25th, I think we’ll make it for Christmas.

So you can stop listening to other people “Who don’t know what they are talking about, and therefore talk through their hats”.

I believe this is about the best birthday present I can give you at the present, but I sure you’ll be satisfyed.

Now the army has become like a prison sentence, as we know when “we are Going to get out”. Lets see about 120 days or 4 months or 16 weeks, by thats a long time. Here I sits in me sell waiting for de warden to pardon me, Oh hm.

We haven’t been doing much since the wars quit, there are a few German classes, a little drill, and movies at night to keep the bordom away, Oh hm. Let me add once again know more packages please.

I wrote this letter in Nurnberg day before yesterday, (August 25) and it got all mashed on the way home I’m doing it over.

We are in Nurnberg again this time for three days. Last night Joe and I whent to see “G.I. Joe” Ernie Pyles picture, it was very good. This afternoon we whent to see Third Army Seventh Arm baseball game in Hitlers stadium. It was here they held all their big rallies now the –SS– troops pick up american beer bottles after the games. We had all the beer and peanuts we could do justive too. After the game we whent up to the place where Hitler sat and took pictures giving the Nazi salaute and making like Hitler. This evening we are going to see “Rosalinda” the Operetta that played for two years on Broadway, at the Opera House. Several times we past by the heavly guarded building in which Georing being held for trial. We saw members of the “War Crimes Commission” going in and out. Will write more when I get back to camp.

Here is wishing you a very happy birthday, and still a Merryer Christmas. All my love as always,


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