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September 7, 1939.

Dear Nelda:

I just I would write you a short note to sort of cheer you up a wee bit. How are you feeling? Better I hope from all the reports I get from you family and I sure do get a lot of news about you. I am going to work at a new place tomorrow and I think it will be much nicer. I know they have much more pleasant working conditions where I am going even tho it is the same brand of work.

You knew we took our vacation as we had planned and Nelda it sure was the most wonderful thing that has happened to us in quite some time. We saw and did and went so many things + places that I could fill pages but I won't. When you come home I will show you the pictures we took. I think they are really quite good.

Your mother told me all about the nice house there and going to move into and she really is quite pleased for which I am glad because she never quite liked the place she lived.

Buy the way she tells me your home is also quite complete near the finishing. Now I really think that is something to look forward to coming home to. If this is too long + tiring you can finish it later and I don't expect you to answer as you conserve all your strength until the time for you to come home + receive visits and there I will talk to ear off you.

Last Sunday we took our lunch + spent the day at Caledonia park. All my brothers + sisters + Cousins were along and we sure [ unreadable ] some of them went bathing and some just loafed + read. Today it is raining so we are just looking around + I am catching up on some of my letter writing. Well honey my brother Bill + his kiddies just came in so I will close with lots of love and hopes for a speedy recovery. Shiff + I think of you every night + want you to know we remember you in our prayers. Well so long until I see you.

Love + best wishes


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