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August 16,1939.

My dearest –

Yesterday I received the first letter from you from Stroudsburg. I’m so glad you have such a nice place to stay. Who engaged it? Isn’t it grand that that job is the kind that in all probability will come and a great deal of attention from people from all around. Meaning, of course, it will more than likely get you more other jobs of a similar nature. But I’m sure if you had your way all auditoriums would be on the ground floor. I don’t see how in the world you were ever stood it – carrying all that scaffolding and everything up to the fourth floor. Tell me more about the parrot. You know I’ve always had a weakness for these particular birds. The two little girls belong at the house you stay? That might sound a bit irrelevant; but in your letter yesterday you said there were two little girls making the bird sing and talk – that’s the connection.

Yesterday was a real busy day for me. BEsides writing to you I wrote to Daddy and Mother; I started reading a book Albert gave me to read called “The Narrow Corner” by Somerset Maughan, who is an excellent writer. His character studies are most vivid. The setting is China and the main character is a Doctor. As soon as I started reading it I knew I’d like it because of the first chapter. I’ll copy or rather just write the first chapter here in the letter as I’ve memorized it. “All this happened a good many years ago.”


Now isn’t that clever? Of course from there on the chapters are the usual length. – Well, besides starting the book Miss. Savers started showing or trying to show me how to weave on a little hand loom she had here. Albert and I wove about five or six inches of material. If we finish it and it looks like anything it will be a scarf for our end table or something. It’s lots of fun and real interesting. You may see it when you come down Sunday.

Oh, I must tell you something cute. Yesterday Miss Savers said ‘I have a compliment for you. Mrs. Roth. Billy Fuller and his father had a conference about you, Bill said ‘Dad, Mrs. Roth isn’t a patient, is she?’ And his father said, ‘Why, what do you mean Bill?’ And he said ‘Well, she doesn’t look like a patient and she don’t act like one. Is she one?’ His father told him you were ill when you came here but that you are much stronger now. Dr. ask him what he thought you were doing here and Bill said, ‘Oh, I thought maybe she just came here to live with us for a while.’ Then Miss. S. ‘You can consider yourself complimented because Bill is very keen and more observant than you can imagine.’

Yesterday besides getting your letter I got a clown card from Pauline and Ray – you know, Uncle Ross’s daughter that has the little boy named Shubert. That’s the second or third card I got from them. I think that’s pretty sweet of her.

Darling, you need never apologize for writing about your work. Don’t you know I enjoy that just as much as you do? After all, it’s part of you – and I love you. Besides, your work is always different – or rather monotonous.

I hear footsteps – I guess that’s my dinner.

Until tomorrow – darling



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