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August 15, 1939.

My Darling heart –

It sure must have been a thrill to write your first letter in our house. If only I could have been there – but if I had been there you wouldn’t have needed to write that letter and then you would have missed that particular thrill. It’s a shame you had to go from it just when you could begin to its ‘hominess’. How do the light fixtures look when they are lit? Do they seem to fit pretty well? What about the R. Hall light – does that look nice when it’s lit? How did Nat and Jim and Davis get on Sunday? Do they have a key or had you told them where you put ours? I’m so glad everyone seems to like our house so much – and I’m so proud that you designed it, darling.

Miss Schibla is back from her vacation so George isn’t with us as our attendant anymore – he’s a painter again. Elise said he got the Kitchen finished second coated yesterday. It had been first coated before. She also said he couldn’t get rose lake pigment where he went for it, so I don’t know what they are going to use.

You should see how friendly these cats are to me. I’m not sure how many are here. I’ve seen as many as three at one time. They are all black that's why it’s hard to tell them apart. Miss S. said she thought I’d be home by the time she came back. She said she could see such a big difference ein my weight the two weeks she was away.

Last evening I was looking thru the Dispatch and saw this clipping about Jess. I decided since you are such a busy many wouldn't see such an “itty bitty” item so I’m sending it in this letter (if I don’t forget) I wonder why he went to Columbia? You think after being in that line so long in York he’d almost be assumed of a good clientele right in his hometown. I sure hope he makes a success of it.

This morning I was “washin” again. I washed two pairs of hose and two ribbons. Darling, I think when you come down Sunday you may bring any blue dress along and the wide dark red belt. After all, if I don’t wear some of these dresses now I don’t get any wear out of them. What do you think? Also bring that kid belt that is green on one side and brown on the other. You know I always wear that with my sweaters. I have a feeling we are going to have enough material for a few quotes or rugs or something once my size refuses to get into some of my dresses.

The snap dragons have stayed so nice so far for all they went thru. Besides the 100 mile trip in the heat Sunday, they also went thru a storm. When I got awake Sunday night during the storm the wind was simply whipping thru my room. It disturbed the blue flowers but the others held up quite well. It made me feel rather badly about the blue ones – I like them so much. We are going to raise some of them, aren’t we? Sweet heart, we are going to be two of the busiest people in York or York County, right?

Have you looked up the Doctor that Doctor Fuller told you about? I’m anxious to know what sort of person he is. Is he old or young? (I just filled my pen again)

Do you think you will stop here Friday evening? I’m so anxious to know. That would be wonderful to see you twice in one week.

My dinner just came in and so I’ll have to bring my letter to an end. My dessert is gingerbread with icing. It looks so good.

Darling, I hope everything goes smoothly on this job for you. Your happiness is my greatest wish.

Loads of love –



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