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September 7, 1938.


Another day, another (?). Well Ken decided to shave first, Vernie is trimming his mustache and I thought it would be a very good time to write to you. I must shave though, after Ken and Vernie are finished.

We were bowling last night I didn’t go too bad for the first three games of the season. 102 - 147 - 127. Not so awful bad, eh?

Bill was down today and said that he had work for us this Saturday all day and Sun, I told him that I’d work all day Saturday but won’t Sunday.

We had a good bit of rain today and it is still threatening. Did it rain in York?

Well honey, how is that old cold of yours by now? Mine is still with me but much better than it was.

I guess we will go to a movie tonight. (We didn’t go last nite) Did you get a chance to see ‘Alexander’ this week yet? I hope that you can get to see it because it sure is swell.

Honey girl, when you get this letter it will only be one nite and one day until you see me. Swell huh? Don’t bother about supper Friday nite as it will be about 7 or 7:30 until we get home. We will get a bite on the way. Until then – all my Love,



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