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September 4, 1946.

Dear Harry, 

I received the package of films two days ago, and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write and thank you before. Thanks a million […], it was wonderful of you…and as soon as the weather permits I’ll be out there doing my best with the old camera – proving it hasn’t gone rusty with non-use!! You know I’m so excited (that’s mainly why I didn’t write, as soon as I had the films– I couldn’t concentrate!!) Well– the reason for the excitement is that I’ve just won a Personality and Figure Competition”– and guess what I won– a nice big silver cup & a small one as well– plus a cheque!!….It really knocked me cold when the picked me as winner– I just couldn’t say a word. 

Firstly we had to parade in front of judges and the audience– the judges awarded their points and picked three of us– then the audience had to clap for the one they thought should win– & was I scared??!! It’s been terrible  since though– people asking all sorts of questions, and wanting to know all the inns and outs of my business. 

Anyway!– enough of that, now to you– I see by the address on the package that you’ve moved– what goes?!! It’s such an age since I’ve heard from you again– well over three months, and do you know I’ve had to cancel a passage on a merchant ship because I hadn’t heard—and didn’t know whether or not it was O.K. for me to come. Now I’ve lost everything– deposit, visa, passport and all that goes with it. 

Now I have to apply all over again!! So please write me and let me know something– whatever goes!!….

How do you like the snaps? A Dutch pen-friend of my sister’s was drafted into the Dutch Navy & came hence to train, so he came to visit us and took some snaps– not bad huh? 

Last week I received Lillian’s parcel, it was really lovely too! I have written to her. It’s strange – but I haven’t heard from any of you in some time now; I do hope everything is O.K. 

I’m broken-hearted, the continual rains have completely ruined my garden– plants and vegetables floating around, all over the place, it’s screaming by funny really to see it– but so disheartening to an amateur gardener –such as myself. 

Well, old chappie, I’ve simply loads to do so you really must excuse me for now. Do write me soon huh??!!

Be good– ha! ha!


All my love


Regards from the family.

P.S. Incidentally Marie has a baby boy– and he’s really perfect– both are doing well– I’ll tell you all about him in my next letter. Thanks again for the films. Sandy

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