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September 27, 1943.

Dear Ex Private:

I suppose you are more than glad to get back in good old civilian life. I would too old pal. I hear you bought a zoot suit in Houston. What was the big idea couldn’t you wait till you got home you big lug, what the hells the idea of not coming to see an old of yours when he is in the hospital. Just think you were only in the hospital 14 days and I have been here 28 days today.

You were only 325 miles from me and it would really only meant one more day. How did you go home? Bea sait it only took you two days. She also said in today’s letter that you are dating Jennie. Don’t do anything to her you’ll regret Ranny. Take my advice and try and go steady with her again for you’ll never find another girl like Jennie. As for Bea and I we are going to get engaged when i get home which I hope is around Thanksgiving if at all.

I am ok and feeling lonesome as ever, here in the lone star state. Just like a foreign service eh what. Four weeks from today I am going to have my caste taken off. I am getting around on crutches now. I’ll be looking forward to a good time when I get home. Pete Colla also got a discharge. All you lucky guys. Feather Merchants is what we call you.

Keep writing to me giving me all the dope on you, Jennie and all the rest of the gang. I told Bea she could date if she wanted to. Keep tab on her and let me know who she goes out with. There isn’t anything I need that you could send me. But I want you to keep writing. Tell me all about the dances at the Elms and whats cookin.

This hospital isn’t so bad. Something doing over at the Red Cross Auditorium almost every night. Really a stage show of all girls to keep our morale up and get well faster. I get a date with one, Genny a tap dancer when I get out but don’t tell Bea. I have to get some fuckin in to make up for all this lost time in the hospital, and I wouldn’t want to do it to Bea till we are married.

About my operation. I was operated on Sept. 13th. 7 ½ hours in the operation room. No feeling at all. I was up on the 15th in a wheelchair. On the 22nd they took off one caste removed the stitches and put another cast on. Six weeks in all for the cast. I hope it comes out successful.

It looks like I’ll die in Texas. They say the only way to get out of Texas is go over seas or get a discharge like you. Haven’t danced now since Aug. 29th. And only a little while then. While you are having a good time we’ll lick the axis. It won’t be long now until all of us come home to stay. I don’t think I’ll ever go over, but I certainly would like to .

So long pal, write again often and give me all the dope. So good luck to you Ranny and don’t forget my good advice.

Your Old Pal

Pvt. Mac

P.S. hope you make a success in civilian life. What did you do with your equipment? Let me know the dope on all of it, and also the technique.

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