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September 24, 1940.

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

I got your very sweet + loving letter yesterday + was so glad to hear from you am so glad to know that you are feeling good for it is hard enough to be away from you any time but lots harder if you aren’t well. The babies are both better of their colds Norma Jean coughed quite a bit last night but Wanda Lee has slept pretty good the past two nights but neither of them are eating worth any thing I was so in hopes they would gain some weight while were down here. I am feeling pretty good my self except I could do with a little more sleep. I just can’t get used to getting up any where from three oclock to five. I can’t see any use in people getting up so early. Uncle Tom gets up + listens to his radio for at least two hours before breakfast. He sure enjoys his radio he doesn’t take any paper he just gets his news over the radio. I sure am glad he got it. No Darling I never got to mention the strove to your mother she talked like they might be moved any day but Dessie gave us to understand she wasn’t moving said she wasn’t going to move off + leave her job said she had got to get her a few clothes now but talked like she had to spend a lot of what she worked out on groceries + I said don’t Dad send money home + she says about 3.50 per week _ we can’t liv eon that. She was pretty hateful but did ask me pretty nice to come back do wish I could manage to go see your mother when Dessie was gone for would hate to have a fuss with her. I am awfully afraid that she will keep them from moving + your mother just can’t hardly wait to get started. Your mother promised to write + tell me if she did move but she hasn’t wrote I don’t know whether Dessie would let her write or not.

Darling don’t work too hard on the painting of course if we do any painting we nearly have to do it when the girls are not there for it would be some job any other time I don’t know what to tell you to do about the rugs. I imagine that rug place down on Freeman Ave. might be a good place to buy them. Did Evelyn but her kitchen rug down there? But I would just as soon get them from Sears as any where. Cora + I were looking at them in the catalog last night, but get them any where you think will be the best + will be O.K. with me. Of course if we ordered we would have to pay freight on them + I think that is about 23 cents so of course we could pay more for one that wouldn’t have to be shipped but think we ought to be able to get fairly good ones for around four dollars a piece + then we will try to keep them waxed + take care of them + maybe they will last us longer.

I am sending you a picture of the children in there was a man around taking pictures + Cora wanted me to have them made. I got six for $1.00 thought they were right good pictures but as usual Wanda didn’t want her picture made. Darling there is lots more I could write but I just must stop to get this to the P.O. so you will be sure to get it to-morrow. I got the money O.K. Darling. I am thinking of ordering one of the girls a snow suit in size three + give it to which ever one it fits + then ordering a smaller or larger size which ever it takes for the other one but haven’t full made up my mind yet.

Guess Ollie’s shoes fit her or you would have heard from her btu being too narrow was all that was wrong them them.

Darling you aren’t the one that could stand loving but as you say it will be all the better when we do get it but honey, I sure do get home sick for you but good bye for now dearest Sweetheart with Love + Kisses from your



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