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October 10, 1940.

Dearest Sweetheart,

Have got a sweet letter every day this week so far + they sure cheer me up a lot + I don’t seem like I can stand it for two more weeks with out coming home for honey don’t think I was ever as home-sick in my life. I told Mama the other day that I never intended to plan a visit this long any more. I know she will miss the kids a lot + dread to leave but I sure am anxious to get started. I guess that I will stay here until about Wed. of next week + then go to Onig + stay there about a week + a half.

So glad you are feeling so well sweet heart + not having any trouble with your stomach we will try to get things that won’t hurt you right on after I get home I am still feeling good + the kids both seem O.K. now btu we are about to freeze. This morning sure is the coldest morning we have had this fall. Cold + clear with a real big frost every thing sure got hit this time but looks like its going to be warm up in the day.

You wanted to know where Cora + Uncle Tom was staying while they were building their house. A family moved out of a house right close to them + they rented it + moved in to it. Yes I would like to see it when they get it finished but don’t want to see it bad enough to stay any longer to get to see it.

Well Honey next Wed. is registration day there will be lots of people that will have to register + I guess lots of them dread it.

Honey I heard the Reds won the series I’ll just bet Cincinnati went wild. Was the last game played at home or in Detroit.

Darling I didn’t get to write you any letter yesterday as it was was day + we didn’t get thru in time.

Did you get the stove sent to your mother sure hope you did.

So glad Sweet heart that the dreams you dream about us are sweet dreams. I have had some sweet dreams my self _ love to dream about you even I do wake up more home sick than ever. Well darling must stop + try to iron some. Will write you again Sat. So good by for now Dearest Sweetheart Love + lots of kisses soon from your true loving Darling


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