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May 15, 1939.

Dearest One,

Well Darling here I am at last, hope you haven’t worried about me but just couldn’t get a chance to write you for things sure have been rushing around here for the past few days. Marie had a baby girl borned Thursday night between eleven + twelve but it only breathed about twice. The Dr. + I worked for an hour + a half trying to bring it to but no use for Marie I was so sorry for her for she had a terrible hard time + then to lose her baby when she wanted it so bad I don’t believe I ever saw any one take anything much harder than Thelbert + Marie losing that baby for they had counted on it so much but I was so thankful that Marie was O.K. that I couldn’t be so hurt about the baby for it was a while that I was worried about her but she seems to be doing alright now, she is having a terrible time with her breasts but that is to be expected with no baby to take the milk out. The baby was a big baby + i don’t think I ever saw one as pretty I bathed + dressed it + laid it out for her + it looked like a big doll. They took it to the grave yard at home to bury it. Mama is up here with Marie now they went after her between two + three oclock Friday morning so you see she wasn’t at home to get her Mother’s Day present but she can get it later I told her about you sending it yesterday was glad you got it for I sure never even thought of any thing like that for the past few days.

Last week was my week to feel bad + I was up with our sleeping a bit over 30 min from two o’clock Thurs morning + all Thurs night till Friday night you can imagine how i felt thought some times I just couldn’t go any longer but didn’t see any other chance but have just about caught up with my sleep now + am feeling O.K.

Our girls are both just fine + so sweet seems to me like they get cuter + sweeter every day. Wanda Lee was a year old yesterday + sure is some girl for a year old she don’t talk as much as Norma Jean did but if any thing is larger to her age.

Darling this is your off day + I guess you are working at home sure wish I was there with you for it seems like I have been down here a long time even it has been only a little over three weeks but I haven’t got to go near all the places that I wanted to go + kindly wanted to stay until Frankie came home so I could be with her some but don’t know whether I will stay that long or not.

Honest I know we cannot afford to spend very much but think I will try to get P.W. something for a graduation present something like a tie or socks would be O.K. any body else I wouldn’t get any thing but one Ollie’s account thats not to get something but school isn’t out for a while any way.

Darling I failed to get my letter finished before Uncle Tom went to town so I am going to have to clean up + go mail this may self so guess I had better quit + get ready for I want it to get off on this mornings mail so you will get it tomorrow so no more for this time with all my love + thoughts for you your own loving wife


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