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August 7, 1936.

Dear darling wife,

I got your loving letter this after noon and was glad I am feeling good tonight but am a little lonesome at present have had a little hard week and have been two tired to do much of a night but eat and sleep but would feel better if you was here to cheer me up.

Honey I am sure sorry you had to walk over from the train. If I had thought of you walking I would have been worried to death about you what dear if you had got sick on the way

[missing second page]

And it is right comfortable at present. The next day after you left it got cool and was very nice for a few days so honey you know I would be proud to see you any time so do what you think best.

This letter is going to be a little short for you maybe back in Oneido by now and I just had two sheets of paper this kind so I’ll hush.

To my loving Wife

Your husband who loves you always with love and Kisses


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