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September 2, 1943.

Dear Ma:

I’m writing a few lines to tell you what is happening now. Wednesday I was entered into the hospital for a complete check up. Don’t worry, I’m fine these examinations are just routine here. I had to wait 5 days before I got into the hospital because it is so crowded here. There are about four wards for “CDD” men and they are all filled up. They claim it takes about a week before you are able to leave? The first day in the hospital I had an XRay taken of my chest then I had to Urinate in a bottle. Then I have to get my blood test and type. Later have a talk with the Captain about yourself and then a physical examination and finally my finger prints are taken and that is when I’m done. Then all I have to do is sign my Discharge Papers and they are signed by higher officers then I’m a free man again.

I hope when I come home you won’t still think of me as still a little boy now. Since in the Army I’ve changed and now I know how it is now to be able to depend on myself and take care of myself. And I think I did both fairly well here. Nobody never told me what to do or was I ever been having clothing or equipment stolen from me like the other fellows. I took care of everything I had and kept them neat and clean. So when I come home I hope you won’t holler about things I do. Because if you do I’ll do it anyways. All I ask is to be let alone and not told what is right or wrong, because I had enough of that in this Army. And I want to forget ever that I was here. Say hello to everybody mother.



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