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September 19, 1918.

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Thank you for the little dog. I am sorry I lost that other one. Thank you again for the little dog. I have been playing with it most of the morning. Thank you for sending me with a chair. Thank you for the see saw. You will see it next summer and the little dog. I still have the flag that has that France on it. I am sorry you couldn’t see the little dog again. I have a little barrel. We hope to see you next summer. We have a tea kettle. I want to fill up the whole of the letter if I can think of any thing to say. I have some sticks I have been sing as a car. You saw the store certainly. It’s easy to find. We like to see you see. It is raining. I will take care of the little dog.

Goodbye, with love

Arthur F. Stocker


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