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August 13, 1924.

Dear Papa and Mama:

This paper is from the Gornergrat where we were yesterday. We got the paper there did not get around to write. Our trip up the Gornergrat was the first disappointing thing we have had during the trip but although the sun was shining when we started for Germatt, clouds began to arise immediately, we soon ran into them and by the time we reached the summit snow was falling, although on the rocks where we were it melted at once but all around us were fields of snow. I have forgotten how many glaciers were in sight from there. Of course the clouds and view interfered with the splendid view we were supposed to have from there but the cloud effects were very beautiful and we had seen the Mattehouse the day before and can today beautifully from the balcony opening from our room. Today nothing special is planned, we are left to do as we please but there are mountains all around with an number of paths and this is such a lovely hotel we enjoy the views from here. Each of our hotels for us in Switzerland has had a little balcony opening from our room with table and chairs. In Lucerne we could see the Rigi and Mt. Platus from our room, in Interlaken the Jungfrau and here the Hatthehouse. I should have said the hotel at the Gornergrat where we had lunch yesterday is the highest in Switzerland, no in all Europe, they say.

The Swiss hotels are lovely and much cheaper than in America. In fact almost everything is cheaper here. We all have Alpine sticks for climbing. We are having just the loveliest time possible. Mr. Plimpton, Ted, Charles, Harry, Miss. Rundall and Miss Rowell have started up a peak opposite our hotel. Mr. Plimpton and Harry are only going part way and will be home for lunch. The others took their lunch in a knapsack strapped onto their backs. I thought it would be a little hard for Arthur and we also wanted to go to the village to see about some films so we did not climb. This afternoon we will go up one of the less steep paths.

I wish you could be here. Yesterday we were only seven miles from Italy. If it had been clear we could have seen a cross. I have forgotten whether I told you at Strasbourg we crossed the Rhine and walked for a little way in Germany.

With much love, Alice

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