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August 14, 1924.

Dear Grandpa and Grandma:

I have just received your letter. Does your pupil recite Latin well? I am wondering if you have others by now. It was a greatly exciting event for a house to walk up the street and I am very sorry that it broke the limbs but I hope it did not disfigure them. The trimming will probably take away any signs of disfiguration. Where was the house going?

This morning we left Zermatt. We had a fine hotel calle the Hotel Pension Beau-Site. Zermatl was a typical small village of only about 900 inhabitants. There was very little on though. The clouds were very low and we were almost in them. On the jungfrau we were entirely above the clouds and could look down upon them. When our cog road deposited us at Vish the rain had ceased and we had 11/3 hours for our train hich came from Rome arriving about 15 minutes late. At Vish 500 human skills and bones were piled up. Mr. Plimpton had been wrongly on the train so he got off at Sion and got some lunch and brought it to the after half an hours ride. We had some time and then went to the Castle of Chillon. The prison was horrible to behold. We saw the Hall of “Justice” or rather injustice and the Duke of Savoy’s bedroom. It was a nice old castle in the day.

In the hotel here we have a nice private bathroom. The hotels in Switzerland are fine. We have been in Lucerne, Gletsch, Interlaken, Zermatt and Montreux. The Rhone Glacier was glorious. Later -- August 16th 1924. Today we go to Paris. Paris will be very pleasant but we will miss Switzerland. We arrive if on time at 20 minutes to twelve. Midnight

I remain,

With very much love,

Arthur Stocker

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