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September 15, 1946.

Dear Harry, 

I was very happy to receive your letter– now I can start to see about getting over again. Gosh– your poor boy– you sound so busy–better take it easy–before you have a breakdown or something…

So glad the store is coming along fine– don’t you have a picture of it for me?– please!! 

By a strange coincidence, I had  a letter from my friend– the one that used to be in Bath. She sounds so awfully happy – married and living in their own three roomed flat now. She says she loved it over there in Minnesota and the people have been so nice to her, – good luck to them both!!

I’m off to the Embassy again next week– to see how soon I can get a passage now, I’m going to try my hardest to get over before Christmas. I’ll keep you “nosed” to all the news!!

There’s a picture on its way to you. A big coloured one, take my advice and don’t at it too close a range, the effect is better from a distance. (a great distance!!) Anyway, I hope you’ll like it!

The weather hasn’t been fine enough to take any more snaps yet– but if you would like a couple of the “big floods”– I can go right outside and get some. —

I had to start night-school again last night, but the class I really wanted to take has been canceled now, so I haven’t really much interest in it. Hockey season is again too– and I started off well, with a vicious crack on the knee– that’s the worst of a mixed team, but its loads of fun. 

Darling– once again– I definitely have not changed my mind, don’t you see, that not hearing from you for so long, made me think that maybe something was up– anyway– its all clear now and settled– and as soon as I can get […], I’ll be over– so keep a weather eye open for me!!!

Well Toots, I’ll have to make this short and sweet, so be good and don’t work too hard… give my regards to Lillian & Dave, say hello to Allan for me. 


All my love


Write me soon!!

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