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September 14, 1943.

Dearest Ralph:

First let me tell you I have not forgotten you, no sir, but really I should be twins I have been so busy. Now whats this I hear about you having a sore back, thought the boils were enuf. I have asked about every time I see Joe, then I have talked to your Mother several times, she tald me about her cleaning lady and now the lady is working for me. You say that don’t help you about getting letters, no I know it doesn’t and I am truly ashamed. Lets see, I guess I told you Mr. Dorfmueller got the house painted with Buds help, then Mr. D got got very sick the last part of his vacation. Then we lost two very dear friends within eight days of each other. Then Mr. D having gone back to work from the vacation got awful sick and had to have X-rays and we found he had ulcer of the stomack. He can go on working, but is on a very strict diet, but he will be well someday in the next two years. Bud has been at camp now three weeks and will come home the day schools opens. They had sweet heart week end up there and he asked Corrine Fuscoe up. She really is a cute little thing and I took her to the train. I guess they had a SWELL time, she told me they danced all nite and only had two hours of sleep. It has been so dry here and everything is almost dead. I have been busy canning and then last Sunday we had eight soldiers out to dinner and had five USO girls come out in the afternoon to help entertain them. They played games in the back yard, danced in the drive and Daddy took groups of four over to go out in the canoe. It was just a perfect afternoon and the boys did hate to go back to camp. They drunk 6 quarts of milk at dinner, not so bad for eight. Boy but they did eat. All of them were adorable and I just had to kiss the baby of the group good-bye, he was just 18, made me think a little of you Ralph. Well, I have not heard anything about Bobby Torbron. I saw that Wayne Hunter left, did you know him. Seems like there are very ew boys around. Well, Ralph, I promise I won’t be so long writing you next time. Take good care of yourself and try and get well.

Bestest regards from us all and love from - - - - Ma Dorfmueller that’s what the boys call me

September 13, 1943:

Ralph -- This was returned to me and I can’t understand it. I am enclosing the old envelope. To-day I am making catsup and tomato juice, so thought I would write to some of my boys. We had a party here Sun. Two soldiers for dinner and then Bud got three girls in and what a dance they had. They all stayed for supper with another soldier coming in. Hope you are getting fixed up and will feel very much better soon.



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