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September 13, 1938.


I had to eat supper first tonite and now write to you. Tonite we quit on standard time and then our supper is ready when we get here. Boy, Ken and I really put in some days work today. If we would have stayed at work a little longer we might have finished the job. Oh yeh?

Well we bowled last nite. 3 games each. Boy my scores were awful. Only one game over 100. Tonight now we are going to the movies to see Sonya H – in “My Lucky Star”. I hope it is good. I have never seen her play.

Tomorrow nite then Ken + I are going to bowl a couple of games so we are in trim for Thursday nite when Bill and Vernie come down.

Ken just said I should tell you that he is reading about Cornell’s material for this year’s football season. Boy they sure are going to have a crackerjack of a team.

Well honey, how was your trip to Reading? Did you get scared in the car any time? Say, do you know I have never been to Reading? In my life. I’m really missing something I guess. Monday was the primary elections in Maryland. Their present governor, a Republican was nominated and a Catholic man named O’Conner is leading on the Democratic ticket. And by the way, Maine just elected a Rep. governor. I wonder if the old slogan will work out this next election.

Good nite, sweetheart I send all my love.

As ever –



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