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September 11, 1943.

Dear Ranny:

Sure glad to receive your last letter + am waiting day by day to see you. Here we are all well.

Gosh is it ever warm here to-day. I was sitting in the sun and I got such a head ache that I had to move. We were having cold weather for a while but to-day it’s very warm.

I still am at home + being a housegirl. I am getting sort of tired of it though because after I clean I have nothing to do. I put a few applications in but I haven’t been called yet. I’d like to work in a defense plant but still I don’t like the idea of the three shifts so I’m waiting for an office or another clerking job.

Idona Park closed Labor Day + now all the soldiers are going to the Elms. The Mansion is closed now + Vaughn Monroe opened the Elms last night. I went down to see him + gosh was he swell. Honest Ranny I never saw so many servicemen as I saw there last night.

It looks as though the Army + Navy have taken over that place to. I was really surprised at the civilians that were there too. I’d say there were over 700 people there last night + $1.25 to get in.

Honestly Ranny the palace just isn’t the same though. If I had just one real good dance with you I’d be satisfied for a week or so.

Jenny was there with her boyfriend + honestly Ranny why she gave you up for him is beyond me. Ferdinand’s wife was there + gosh she looked so lost without him.

Ranny why do you want to get a job in Cleveland when you come home. We’ll never get to see you again.

Woody Herman is coming at the Palace Tuesday so I’ll probably see him. All I do anymore is just see shows.

Well Ranny I hope to see you real soon.



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