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September 10, 1943.

Dear Ranny:

Received your letter and was glad to hear from you. Couldn’t find time to answer it sooner.

So your in the Hospital again. What could you ask for more. A sharp room, radio + a well bed + no work. Boy thats right up there. I must say. HOping you do get your discharge. I just wrote a letter to a cousin of mine from New York he is. He has been in Action + was home on a 27 day leave. He spend a few days at our place before going home. Now he went back to Camp + was in the Hospital every sing. He was wounded. He got a discharge. I got a letter from him to day + he is going to stay at our place before going home. He is mom’s has no children.

Oh Ranny you’ll get your old job in Dept 57 if you ask for it. You’ll fine it much different.

When you said in the letter some fellow who use to love you. I know who you mean . That one will never be anything to me not if I have anything to do with it. Now I know what I have done wrong.

I am going to see your mother Sunday maybe. I saw your dad in town yesterday and he asked me why I didn’t go up. BUt I can’t fine time.

Well I’ll close now until I see you again. Hoping I won’t have to write you any more. Hoping you’ll be home before that.

I’ll close now. Regards from all.

Love Always,


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