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October 7, 1922.

Dear Grandpa & Grandpa:

Last Thursday the squirrels were down. I found a baby squirrel. He was a million times too bold. A big dog sat below the tree watching for his prey, the squirrel. Finally he came down inspite of the dog. He sat at the bottom of the tree. The great dog crept slowly toward the prey then darted with all his might at the squirrel. He got it by the tail. The dog ran around a few yards and dropped a dead squirrel on the ground. He had been killed by the dog.

S.S., Aquitana sailed Perhaps to Southampton or maybe Liverpool October 3rd just remaining at the Cunard Piers only four day in spite of her trouble the last time and we just missed seeing her the day we came back from Hoboken. I got my report card yesterday reading (A-B plus A_ Deficient in Arithmetic and Penmanship.

Mother went to see Mrs. Kelly about the deficiency both in Arithmetic and Penmanship. She told mother that the arithmetic was just because I had not quite gotten on to Long Division and Fractions. Penmanship was because I did not slant.

How are Grandpa’s teeth. I hope they have visited Dr. Ball.

Today has been a rainy day. In spite of it Father and I took a walk up to Hudson River Day line Pier 129th Street. We enjoyed the shower.

With love,

Arthur F. Stocker

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