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October 26, 1935.

Dear Sweetheart,

I got your loving letter this after noon and couldn’t keep from answering it tonight and I don’t believe I have ever wrote you a letter on Friday before guess it will be Monday before you get it unless you get mail on Sunday.

I have a little headache tonight but its not because I worked hard today for I have just stayed on the job yesterday and today but most every body is laying off it is sure is good of them to let me stay on the job enuf to draw my pay but usually Arthur Davis and I get to work when no body else does but we put out some work when there is some to do and Harl Cain answered this evening just before the whistle blew and said Walter you and Arthur can come out and work a half day tomorrow if you want to and don’t see what we are going to do but walk around but if they want me to I’ll not refuse for I like the pay but I am afraid if they don’t get started I may have to lay off a few days but hope not.

Darling girl I hate you was so blue when you wrote my last letter but it was sweet any way but not very often you ever write any other kind but ever if you do I know they come from a sweet girl any way.

Shows has got so they make me so blue I can hardly stand to go to one you don’t know how they do make me feel but honey go to every show you want to for a quarter is not much and mabe it will keep you from being lonesome.

Seems like people around Onida find out a lot about my business for I never write to any body but the home folks and I know they have not told any body I was out of work for I have not said any thing about nothing of the kind to them.

I found out a few people around there that don’t know thinks you are with me don’t know how they come to think such stuff unless we are always back there together.

Honey I feel like tonight I would like to be loved a little by a sweet little girl like you. I wish I wasn’t so bad to want to be loved, don’t know what makes me think that way but can’t help it if I do like lots of men or the most of them I’ll say guess I would be out letting some one love me but I ever proud to say I am not that tipe. And the reason is because I love you and want to be plenty true to you, but honey I guess you have figure out I am not lying to you about it from the way I act when I am with you a few minutes for I could likely be different if I did but not being with a girl for two or three months makes me act a little silly I know and a little ashamed of myself but honey I think you understand me and don’t think much about it.

I have a little more money and I am sending it to you in this letter soI sure hope I can send you this much each week but I am sure I can’t the week I go to buy some clothes but I am holding a little back each week and trying to keep it from bothering our savings hope I can get to work on so we save this amount each week. I am going to get my Mother a pair of house slippers the kind she wants cost about $2.50 I think but don’t mind that.

Now little girl I’ll close for tonight wishing you all of the luck and lots of love from me the boy who loves a girl in North Carolina and a sweet one too!

So good night Baby would like to rock it to sleep or go to sleep with it in my arms but I’ll have to dream about that I guess.

Your loving boy


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