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October 25, 1944.

Oct 25, 1944

Southern France

Dear Mom + Pop,

I see by the day that you two are married twenty eight years today. I hope the Vmail card that I had Millie make for you has arrived by now although it probably didn’t get there by this date. Though it was quite good, the idea was mine but he drew it out. He also is making the 194th  Christmas Vmail card.

More about you two and this day. It must be wonderful to be in love that long. I was only telling Millie that they first thing “Pop” does when he comes in from work is to ask for “Mom” if she isn’t there. That’s what gave me the idea for the card. Millie said “28 years and still in love,” I said I thought that theme would make a good card. There you have the result, I thought he did a good job.

You have often written for a picture of Sal he always said he had none that were suitable to send. Finally he sent to his brother for this one taken time time ago. He say it the only that make him look a little like who I have built him up to.

Tonight I received some letter cards and a “book” that diary letter was nice telling about the [unreadable] and movies the things you did Mom. Yesterday I received the SAIO of the Army + Mary “E” – I could see Mom plainly with the white flowers on her hat. Fact was a Lt. Col. making the speech from the platform at the time. It made a very nice shot. I hope I write that I received the one of Dad and the others holding their flags many months ago.

Just came over to see Bill and he wants me to finish the page. Everything is swell here. I hope you are all feeling find. I wish I could enclose a picture, Tom getting kind of jealous. [unreadable] Ele is having to many boyfriends lately. Good evening now, Lots of love to all there, Walter.

As you see Walter just came in to see if I  wanted to take a walk, not that there is any thing to see or any place to go. If you think Elizabeth is dead after 9:00pm you should see this town. I have often wondered about the black out in Elizabeth because the lights are on in Marseille you can see them from many miles away. It would seem funny to have your home blacked out and find them lighted up over here.

Perhaps some day I’ll a hole book and call it “From The North of Africa  To The South of France” or “Jersey Was Never Like This, eu La La!!” This morning we were walking to town it was very early and quite chilly, its colder here than from where came. A French lady invited us into get warm by her fire, when in and she had a three year old girl named “Mimi” You know like the song. At first she was very bashful buy later she was playing “peak a boo” with Sal. Well she cryed when we left so you can see the impression we left. Or perhaps it was the “Bon Bons” we had. Now I know those candys back home get there names. “Bon Bons” means Good Goods and well I guess that’s just what candy is. The woman was telling us her husband was garndarme (policeman) in a nearby big town. His cap was there and we had our pictures taken in it.

Well till tomorrow when I start to answer the many letters I have received in the past few days. I’ll say Happy 28th wedding. The bride was never lovelier and the [groom] I’ll bet could still catch that ring each time it came down.

Your Loving Son,


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