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October 22, 1946.

Dear Harry, 

You big palooka! I’ve just this very minute arrived home to lunch. Your letter was waiting for me on the mat. I’m so terribly sorry darling–but it seems as though I didn’t word my phrase about “digging in” correctly. I’m really sorry– but it wasn’t meant to sound the way it it did.

Dont you know that I can hardly wait to get over  there with you? Then we will really work hard together!– do you see now?– OK! Then just forget that I wrote about “digging” huh?

Wow! You really had a feeling like a heel when I read that piece of your letter!

Gosh! Am I disappointed about the shipping too!! I was convinced that I would be well on my way by now – but those blithering idiots don't know the first bit of what they are doing. I’m going to take the first thing that comes along – even if I have to grease the engines!!

I’ve just done a little black market deal (shame on me!) I’ve purchased some coupons to enable me to buy a wedding gown– (I do get married in white don’t I?) I’ll hold up until you write and give me the dope on what I wear!– you know thats never dawned on me before!!– This scrawl will probably have to be de-coded before you can read it– but I’m eating with right hand (most awkward) and writing with my left!– Incidentally you should have received the large pix by now– so glad you like the small edition– its the one that appeared in the papers. Now that I have squared with you my miswritten phrase you definitely know that I don’t want to wait till Spring, and that it wasn’t even in my mind. OK? The sooner I get over the better. 

Sorry to hear about Lollie and your cold– when I get over there I’ll soon settle anything you may get! Perhaps you should wear less clothing? I only ever wear three articles – and very seldom catch cold– just luck I guess!!

Well dear I really must be back– I’m in charge this week so I musn’t be late. My love to hall. Say hello to everyone. 


All my love


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