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October 19, 1938.

Sweety- pie:

I’ll drop you a few lines just a note in fact because I don’t have much to say. I only left this morning and there hadn’t much happened since then.

We had chicken for supper but I didn’t eat very much. It was stewed and I don’t care so much for it that way.

Well, the job is coming along fine and Ken and I will get our bonus. It’s just that much more toward our house. Gee honey, I am thinking of that all the time. Oh, I just thought that I hadn’t told you that I wrote to National Life and told them that I want to borrow as much as I can on our two policies. I have an idea it will amount to about $65.00 less the interest for the first year. They always deduct that first.

Well darling, this is almost turning into a letter and not a note. Please excuse the pencil as I do not have a pen along, and anyway it’s much better than not writing at all, isn’t it?

Will see you some time Friday nite and until then _____

All my love,


Your Kaye

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