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October 18, 1935.

Dear darling

Got your loving this after noon. And sure glad to hear from you once more and to know you was feeling fine and not so awful blue as you usual are.

Sweetheart this is going tobe a short letter for I have not stopped a minute since about five o’clock this morning and am a little sick at present for I started to paint that bed I was making and spilled a whole can of paint and part of it went into mouth and it didn’t tase any too well and ruined a good shirt in the time of it but I shouldn’t have been so awkward like a baby spilling his milk.

But I have got rid of my cough again and am feeling fine only blue for you ever now and then but recon that can’t hurt me much.

Darling we will hope to save some each week other we may not have as much as we did last week but you never said how much but ever little helps.

Honey I would write you a letter every day but like you said I can’t find much to say that often wish I was with you tonight for a while for I would like to have a few big kisses again far after all I got the last time I saw you they didn't last long for I would never get tired of them no I don’t think.

And you get you a load of books, hope you enjoy all of them for that is a good way to pass off the time and also hope none of them will be sad enuf to make my baby cry even fi I can’t hear it.

Sweetheart I must close and catch a few winks before I have to get up in the morning about half asleep.

Yes honey, Evelin has come back been back about two weeks, I think I told you before but maybe you didn’t see it so good night darling. With sweet dreams, remember I still love you dear. Your darling boy.


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