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October 13, 1920.

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Dear Alice --

[unreadable] -- You are probably about your dinner -- that makes it seem as though we were a long distance apart. You surely had a busy time with your [unreadable] and [unreadable] -- it made Harry some [unreadable] and hurry for it -- [unreadable] time the distance he had to go -- [unreadable].

I am sorry Arthur was not well. Was interested in Learning about his report card and also the song -- let him I should like to hear him sing it -- Am pleased that Haryr is to have the [unreadable] from the Church and shall be glad to hear more about it. It is fine to have such interested and generous person as Mr. Dicko in the Church -- The plan is to use it on Wednesday evening in it + Papa will write you about the college picnic I’ve not doubt.

So I’ll just say -- I had my dinner under way but left it for night instead of noon and went -- saw more of the new faculty then I had before - [unreadable]. Her girl been here to bring back my chopping bowl she and her sister borrowed -- they have rented a little apartment in one of the [unreadable] two rooms and a kitchenette + bath -- forty eight dollars. They make a great many [unreadable]. A whole year in that slum place but now they are keeping house. [unreadable]

The weather is mild. Last year at this time we had snow. I’m still wearing my straw hat [unreadable].

Your letter came. Glad to hear about the work. Hope both will be satisfying. Am sorry for the Wellmens -- they were a present from Mrs. De Pelomig.

Love for all

From Mama

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