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October 1, 1946.

Dearest Harry, 

Wow! Two letters at once– yours and Lollies, it was so nice to come home from work and find them– I feel great!– Thanks dear! Say, I suppose you got the papers by now, they are nothing to what I’ve had to fill in— still its more than worth it. 

Oh! Yes– the pix is a small one of the coloured one, that should almost be your way by now– its just a preview– and remember the coloured one “aint” so hot clouse up! 

This paper is really lousy– but its all I have around right now– its really my homework paper– so I’m a bit worried. 

Now listen Toots– there are gonna be a few questions here. To start with I’m natually coming straight to you when I come. You see that person isn’t really really my Aunt, but we’ve been writing with her so long now, that since a good few years we’ve always called her Aunt. So I’m dying to see her, but she’ll keep! Now you don’t have to get time off at all– if you let me know what railway station I can book to for Philadelphia for New York– I can purchase a railway ticket this side– and with directions as to how I can reach you when I get there, it will save you all that bother, wont it? You see, I don’t want to put anyone out at all if I can help it. 

What does your family think of my coming? – They aren’t against it are they? I do hope not! Darling– you’re so sweet!– but I don’t want to see anything before I  “tie myself down”– as you put it it. I just want to be as much of a help as I can– I dont care what doing– as long as I don’t have to be idle– because I cant bear that– I’ve always had to “go to it” as far back as I can remember– its good for a person too!! (especially me– I might get fat– and on me that wouldn’t look good) I’m sorry about this paper– really I am!!— Well, I’m on the shipping list and they say that I will probably!! be within the next two months– ha, ha….It had better be as soon as I get the forms from you– then I can get back my forms–and that son!–puts me as priority!!…( I hope!!)

Harry – I’m surere now than I ever was that I won’t get homesick– I’ve “grown up” and learnt quite a bit, so I think I can promise you dear, that I shant embarass you in anyway– with homesickness or such!! It shouldn’t be so over long, and I shall start visiting my thousands of relations for to say farewell (I be they’ll be glad). 

I know that, I shall like Syd, Harry– you mention hi m so often in your letters– you must be great friends–and thats good!!

Well, I really must close the hatch for now dear– please write again soon, Regards to all


All my love


P.S. Once again— apologies for the paper– if you wait awhile you can try and take it out on me– but —if you do—you’ll be sorry!! Sandy

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