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November 8, 1935.

Dearest one,

I got your most sweet and loving letter this after noon and also one yesterday but honey lots of sweet letters sure cheers me up when I have nothing to do and as lonesome as I am of a night don’t mind it so awful bad of a day but my when I go to bed of a night + get plenty blue and wish a lot of time I bad you in my arms so I could go to sleep that way but dear I’ll try and make the best of it.

Now dear you said we would not admit we were beat I’ll say not for things will break our way before long we hope.

Glad dear you are feeling better but looks like if you don’t eat more than you have been you will get awful weak but here is hoping you do get to feeling fine for I sure do hate to think of you feeling bad at any time, no you wouldn’t be hard to feed but honey if you was with me and didn’t eat any more than you do there I believe I would get so I couldn’t eat either.

Sweetheart I sure don’t know what to tell you to do I was out at the mill this morning and they told me they had a order and I could work tomorrow but couldn’t say when they would start steady again but I will be pleased to get in a day will help pay my expenses but my how I wish they could get started out till Christmas and work every day any way but I actually believe its going to be plenty dead till the first of the year if they don’t quit if I knew they would guess I would go home for I can get by a lot cheaper there than I can here with out work but I know I could find nothing to do there I could make a thing at and besides I can’t hardly stand it there unless I can run over to Aunt Ollies and see you once in a while and besides there is a lot of people there I can’t hardly stand to look at and besides there is no place for any one who has to work for a living like I do so I sure don’t want to go back there to stay as long as I can help it I think I’ll try everything here to get a job before I’ll go back there if I do have to quit out where I am at but its like this if Harl leaves I believe I am sure of a job when he goes.

Honey you sure are a brave little girl to buck up against almost any thing and I know you don’t care for hard times but I can’t think of them being two hard for you and being with out work very long and might have to change around a lot would make it tough for you for I want us to be comfortable and happy too if possible as far as love is concerned I am sure no one ever loved each other better than we do what you think about it dear altho I believe you think some time I don’t love you much or I would do different but honey that’s not it for I really do love you and think you are one of the sweetest girls in the world.

Well darling this is Friday night so I thought I had better try and get it finished and mailed intended to mail it this morning but found out I didn’t have a stamp so I had to wait till tonight so this is the reason why I am writing again tonight.

I feel very well tonight and glad I don’t have the blues so very bad, but have just got over a bad spell is the reason I think I don’t have any tonight say, darling glad you are feeling better yet but try and cheer up and get rid of them blues.

I got to work today and was glad to get it in but will be off maybe for a while now again but a day or so a week will help pay my expenses if I could get two days a week I could stay here till maybe they picked up a little. Harl don’t know for certain what he is going to do and said it might be the first of the year before he did so I am still puzzled about ever thing and don’t tell you yet what I will do.

Dear I am not planning to go home if I can help it for a while maybe Christmas but can’t till might have to go any way.

I still have my $15.00 but I am going to have to spend some of it for rent and a few other things this week but I’ll soon build it back if things pick up any so we must try to cheer up if we can.

Now I’ll have to close and get this mailed so good night sweetheart and don’t fail to think but what I love you plenty with lots of love you dear, your loving boy


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