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November 28, 1943.

Hello Dear,

Here I am again tonite, I got a letter at a late mail call after supper. First of all I didn't name the dog and the part that you want explained, I won't say anymore about that I until I come home, I might change my mind. You were saying that I have went to town in Buffalo, well, I tell you, the nite before I left Buffalo I was out with her, and she made me an hour late, by not wanting to let me go, and carried on at the station the next day a lot worse than you did both times you seen me off. And I know that you were a little mad and jealous by the next remark that you made in your letter, about me doing the dumbest things, when I wrote that, I knew what I was writing. I just want to get you to look at the map. Yes we had pumkin pie for Thanksgiving. I liked the last part of your letter, why don't you find out about it, maybe you can. I think this is only listed as a defense zone now, I am not sure. I signed up to go to San Fernando tomorrow, I am going to see what that is like, and also try to take some pictures. You know that you could go ot the U.S. Employment service and see if they are hiring any Stenographers for this area, maybe they are, and then you will be in luck. Well I have to wash my coveralls tonite, to turn in for salvage Monday, I would have sent them to the laundry, but I didn't think I would get them back in time. So for now love and kisses until you hear from me.

Your loving husband,


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