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March 3, 1943.

Hello Dear

Another day and we have rain today, it finally came, with cold and dampness, I got a letter yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock from you and one from Nanny, I am going to write and answer hers after I finish yours. I understand all of her letter but a few lines, that she must of hurried with, if she takes her time, she really writes so that you can understand it. Both of the letters were given army directory service, because I received the letter you had written the 26th of Feb before this one, you didn’t write the Brinks plain enough and Nanny didn’t write the barracks number plain enough. I just read your letter over again. You were talking about rationing, well we are having a lot of shit down here, I think there is going to be a mass A.W.O.L pretty soon if they don’t soon give us something to eat last night, I had 2 pieces of toast, a cup of milk no cereal and an orange. I ate my rations and was sitting there talking to one of the boys when about 50 soldiers got up from the table and rushed the chow line, a Major was there to meet them, he had to get the hell out of the way or he would have been knocked down, he told the K.P.’s to put covers on the food and close up, that didn’t make a bit of difference to the mob they took off the covers and helped themselves with the major watching them.

All you could hear in school were the boys talking about going home and getting a good meal, and I think if they don’t straighten things out, it will take all the soldiers from Fort Bragg and then some to keep Seymour Johnson Field on the map and together. Nanny was telling me that Connie Dipompo had a baby and that she isn’t married because the doctor registered it under the name of Dr Pompo, and Rosy said that her mother was really mad, I thought myself that Connie had been married for some time, but I guess I was wrong. Nanny said that Neil has the measles but not to tell you because you might tell Stella’s family, and they might worry because Clink and Stella don’t go down there because Clink washes 7 days a week. She said that Mickey sleeps in the coal bin at nites and in our bed in the daytime, well that is about all she said outside of a little gossip about the neighbors. Boy it is really getting cold here in the barracks, I have my shoes off and have the covers over my feet and legs, all the boys are standing around the stove and sound like a lot of bees, I am going to tell them to move and let some heat over here. It is still raining, I guess it will last about a week, well it is 2:45 so I am going to quit for now and write Nanny. Lots of love and kisses from me and my boy.

Your Husband, Sonny

Tomorrow is the last day of S.B.

If I go, I am undecided

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