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March 9, 1943.

Hello Dear

Well today the sun is out but it is still cold. I got 4 letters today and none yesterday, one from Joe and one from Ann, and two from you.

I went on Chapel detail today, down to Chapel 1 where I attended the wedding there was no wedding today, but we still didn’t do a hell of a lot of work, when we got done the chaplin gave each of us two mounds, he usually gives us a package of cigarettes and some candy, but I guess his funds are low, maybe he lost his money shooting crap. Joe didn’t say much in his letter to amount to anything, only ever time he writes he talk’s about how lousy the girls are over there, he said he hasn’t been out with any girls since he left San Francisco, he said that Walt Longfellow was over there in the infantry, he lives on Cleveland Ave, he is Effie Barids brother in law, he went in the army just the draft before I did, and then he said a distant cousin of his was also over there, that is about all he said. Ann didn’t say much only she went shopping with her mother and she says she thinks the point system is a pain in the ass. In one of your letters on the flaps of the envelope, I don’t know how they got there unless one of the boys that writes in red ink put it on there, you ought to have a pretty nice sock by now that is you didn’t pay over a hundred for your coat. I answered Nanny’s letter the next day, she ought to have got it long ago. Well I just got orders from the front (to go to bed).

Your Husband


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