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March 5, 1943.

Hello Dear

Well we just go done moving from one barracks to the other, there is getting to be so much of us here that there wasn’t room enough in with the Permant Party, so we had to move. Today is dull and dreary and damp and cold, it looks like rain any minute now in fact it has looked that way all day, I got my package yesterday afternoon and no mail, but I got two letters from you today at 12 o’clock mail call. I have just read them again and started to answer the questions you asked in the first one, you asked me what I do in town, well for one thing I get the bus out of town, and go to a better place, then I also see how far away from the post I can get in the shortest time, one of my days off I am going to Dillon, S.C. it is only about 130 miles away from this place. Then you asked about my helmet that I got, I guess you have seen the pictures of them in the magazines, the kind the Marines wear, well mine is the same thing. I was reading the letter from Nanny, so them lousy bastards sent that telegram collect, if I Was home now she wouldn't have to pay for it, because I would tell them it should have been delivered in person and not telephoned, but I can't so you pay here for it, I will get it back before I leave here and some besides. Well that is the first letter now I will read the other one.

Well nothing in the second letter of any importance, so I will ramble along I am in the inspection phase now and with two more to go, unless I get the new one, only about 3 or 4 out of every class gets this one, so I don’t care wether I get it or not.

We were working on the range by the hangers today, leveling off a little dirt and screwing around in general, the thing that took up the most time was walking too and from, we didn’t have truck to ride us today, so we walked. The dinner today was pretty good, we had fried oyster and potatoes, turnips, and some other vegetable and blue-berry pie. I know for sure the rationing idea is all shot to hell now, because they gave us seconds on every thing including the butter. I think by now they know this place is in America even if the weather and the place in general does feel and look like it is in some other part of the world, I don’t blame them for getting that idea, I go crazy at times myself, excuse me while I lite a smoke. Well here I am again I am damn near out of writing material, I think I will have to tell you the latest rumor, it is going around that the boys graduating now are getting along with their diploma a corporal's warrant, I say seeing is believing, they will have to show me.

Lots of love and kisses for you

Your Husband


P.S. I am still here. I didn't leave yesterday, I am going to try to stay the rest of the week.

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