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November 2, 1946.

Dear Harry,

Hi chum, what’s new? Got your letter O.K. and I could spit in your eye for mentioning the turkey. It doesn’t seem as though I shall be there for Thanksgiving (dash it!) so hows about saving me a chunk?(of turkey) No more news– the latest is that but for the shipping strikes on your side I should have been well over. I’ve got a new lead though– after mooching around with my nose on the ground for the past week (no cracks either!) I’ve heard though a new source that the American lines have been instructed to help get a passage for […] – we’ll have to pay them a visit! Darling!! The wedding arrangements sound perfect to me– I have no comments!! Moms has just given me fifteen pounds as a small wedding gift for us–believe me I know how hard this was for her, and it was terribly sweet of her, I hope you’ll write and thank her– she’s been a wee bit upset lately at my going but that’s only natural– so won’t you please write her a couple of lines– just to put her mind at rest?!

Thanks Darling– I knew you would! Now about the money– I want to know if you think this is O.K. I’ve made enquiries and found that I can only change ten pounds into dollars, well, to start with, before I did any booking for a passage– I had managed to have sixty pounds– then there was the cancelation – I only got 5 out of my 20 deposit back– well theres now the agents fee fro the work he’s (not!) putting in–plus visa cost– passport cost, and numerous other things!

Well– will it be O.K. with you if I put this fifteen towards the rest that I have for my passage. 

I think I’ve got just sufficient for all costs with that. I’ve given it to you just as things stand so let me know in your next letter if it will be O.K. Jeanne goes to London tomorrow– to start a new job. You see quite some months back we both applied for jobs at West End Stores as Models– at the time there were no vacancies– but now they have written us to go– Jeanne took the job– but naturally I turned mine down– she should do O.K. cause the money is very good– twice as much as I’m getting now– five pounds is to be scoffed at huh? I’m enclosing a picture of me and my pet poodle hope you like it. Incidentally I’ve just got a new coloured one for you– the previous one must have gone missing– the colour is worse though!! I’ll send it by ordinary mail this time! Must finish now!!

Please write moms soon!


All my love,


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