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November 14, 1935.

Dear Darling,

I am a little lonesome tonight so I thought I would write you a few lines or start any way may wait till I hear from you before I mail it I come back home this morning and went back to bed and slept a big nap and have felt good all the rest of the day. Honey I make it very well was a little tore up last night after I went to bed and part of this morning but am alright now. Honey you didn’t think I had been out into something by acting like I did, did you? Of course you never for you know I had not but it was because I had been drinking a little and I have decided not to be silly, but a little loving and kisses sure did help me plenty for I needed it and you are the best I have ever seen at that for when I need loving you sure can satisfy me and I love you dear for you being like you are.

Sweetheart I sure am going to be worried about you while you are out there for I have thought of a thousand things might happen, and honey do be careful just for me, but I am sure you will won’t you dear.

And listen if there is any such thing as poison around there you watch out for some of it might get into something through a mistake and you might get it now watch out for a lot of things for if something was to happen to you I would have nothing much to live for.

Honey if you don’t find anything to do there and wanted to of course I want you to suit your self about it and don’t think I am suggesting this but if you wanted to come back here and look for a job think of it would be alright people in Oneida might talk a little but you but you can’t keep a lot of them from saying something any way but do as you like.


I got your sheet a little letter dear and was it sweet I am glad you found things like you did and if you can do anything to help it will be nice.

I went out to work this morning, got in a half of a day and may get to work all of next week don’t know for certain but how I hope I do.

You might find you a job there some where hate to see you go back to Oneida to do anything for you see no body pays anything there no difference how much work they want done now I’ll try not to worry about you no more than I can help.

And Gomer & Earnest has got them a car its very nice to have one sometimes wish that I did but I’ll wait till I get another thing or two before I think about one much.

Listen dear if you go to get out anywhere they will want to take you, but if I was you if Frankie wasn’t along I sure wouldn’t take no long chances for thats the best trap I can think of.

You may think of me getting jealous but I aim not a bit as far as that is concerned but you know the reason I feel like I do, if you go any where that is two far to walk take a taxi if you don’t have the money you know where there is some that’s yours.

Honey I am sending you two dollars. Get you a pair of slippers, believe with what you have you can, and don’t think much about it. Or at least don’t get mad I will have all I will need and what’s mine is yours anyway.

Dear I must quit and get it mailed make sure you can get it tomorrow.

So with lots of love and the kisses I got when I saw you.

The same loving boy forever.


P.S. Do all you can dear to find out what is wrong around there.

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