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May 9th, 1946.

Wednesday 8th of May

Dear Harry, 

Hello old chappie how are you? 

First of all I want to thank you for that wonderful barrel of candy– its awfully sweet of you dear, and I want you to accept my sincere thanks– I really appreciate it. 

Secondly I’ve had no reply from the Embassy its almost three weeks now. But I’ve been in touch with a girl in Bath– she’s also waiting to get across and she’s supplied me with a load of addresses to either write or phone. I’ve contacted most of them, and they say they can’t really promise anything yet awhile – as travel now is for priority passports. 

But I’m going to Southhampton to the Merchant Offices– so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes too if it’ll help me any!!

Incidentally the cutting enclosed appeared in all of todays papers– so it seems is something might happen after all. 

What do you think of the snaps? My friend took them when we went to the the Isle-of-Wight for the weekend. We went to the Alum Bay– actually its the farthest point of the island– the needles are right by where we we’re sitting. The girls wanted to take a snap of me falling over the cliff edge–but I was a meanie and wouldn’t let them– the rats!! Hope you can understand my scrawl but I had a little spill at the skating rink I hadn’t been for ages and the first thing I do is to fall on my wrist. The Doc at the hospital thought that it was broken but an x-ray proved it to be just a bad sprain– fortunately. 

Before I forget– is Alans birthday in June or July— I’m afraid I can’t remember! 

After separating the cat and dog- I’ll try to recommence my letter. 

I’ve had a booklet loaned to me by the girl in Bath– entitled “Brides Guide to the U.S.A.”– apparently its what they are issuing to G.I. Brides and it gives you all the American terms for English word and sentences– for instance the word tramp is called “bum” in the U.S.– well “bum” over here isnt used in the best of circles– its usually describing ones “sit-me-down” or posteria as it may be the currency seems faily easy though!!

Well old cock-to-coin a phrase of yours” guess I’ll hit it!!…..

Go try and muster up enough energy to write me soon–mm-mmm??!!

Give my regards to Lillian & David for me and tell Lillian I’ll be writing after work tomorrow - Ta dear!!

Oh!– and again very many thanks for the sweets dear!! 

So it good-bye-now

All my love


P.S. Any more pictures??—- greedy ain’t i?

P.P.S. Sorry this is so short but I’m so dreadfully tired– I’ll write more in a day or two— S

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